Lenna Knowlton
is the director Meals That Heal and author of Meals That Heal-A Nutritional Makeover. A biology and physiology major, Lenna has spent the last decade researching nutrition and its effect upon human wellness. She has a passion for bringing the wisdom of Nourishing Traditions and traditional foods to the local community via her teaching and lecturing venues. Recently she was a speaker at the Weston A. Price International Conference held in San Francisco where she presented her Meals That Heal-A Nutritional Makeover program.

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Meals That Heal -- A Nutritional Makeover

is our introductory “why and how” manual which would bring the art of traditional cooking to your household. Based on Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions, this material will transition you from the “Standard American Diet” of junk food, fast food, and nutrient-deficient eating and cooking to nutrient-dense, whole-food cuisine.

Meals That Heal -- A Nutritional Makeover draws from hundreds of hours Lenna Knowlton has spent conducting nutritional training, consultations, and lecturing, as well as exhaustive research on each subject.

Included in this manual are fast and easy ways to get started, recipe conversions, shopping strategies, money and time savers, nutrition for toddlers, and many other resources.

It’s time to give your kitchen -- and your palate – a makeover. Order your copy of Meals That Heal -- A Nutritional Makeover today!



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