Optimal Nutrition means Optimal health...

Americans spend over $800 billion yearly on medical services — more than the national deficit, the food bill, and profits of all U.S. corporations combined. Yet we have little to show for it. We have almost forgotten that our natural state is one of balance, wholeness and vitality. Clearly something is wrong, even though Americans have been following orthodox dietary advice.

Why, then, are we so sick? The Standard American Diet (“SAD”) has resulted in a wide variety of health problems ranging from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and gall bladder disease, to ADHD, depression, bi-polar disorders, anorexia. The list goes on and on, but the causes can be to traced to over processing of foods, chemical additives, and the loss of traditional food preparation.

Given the proper building blocks, the human body is designed to heal itself. Discover those building blocks and discover better health through Traditional Foods (T.F.).

Meals That Heals is an organization dedicated to teaching those principles through hands-on practice and our step-by-step instruction manual,
Meals That Heal -- A Nutritional Makeover


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